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Works well. I have a lot of back issues and have had spine surgeries. I spend a lot of time at the chiropractor. But during the pandemic I’ve not had an appointment. I ordered this thinking maybe this will help, and it did. Immediately as soon as I laid down on it, it popped my back in several places. It felt very good and provided a nice stretch. Of course it isn’t a miracle working device, but if you can’t get to a chiropractor it is a decent substitute until you can.



I have been suffering from lower back pain for about 2 months, since injuring it while shoveling snow. After reading about some of the positive benefits people have felt after using back stretching devices, I thought it was worth trying myself. The positive reviews that I read about this product before purchasing are well earned. After a week of use, I am already feeling positive benefits myself. I am able to rest on it on the first 2 levels, but have been using the first level so as not to push my body too fast. I still have a bit of an ache, but I am not feeling the abrupt twinges that I had been feeling before. I have been combining using the back stretcher with some lower back yoga which I highly recommend doing as well. Whether or not you like the nubs on the stretcher is one of personal preference. I happen to like them and feel like they stimulate circulation and healing. If you don’t like them, you could always cover the stretcher with a towel or even a heating pad for warm relief. I will continue to use this stretcher as I feel that it is beneficial to me. It is nice to have a couple more levels to move up to when I feel like I need a deeper stretch.